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Road Trips May Bring Increased Car Accident Risks

road trip, car accident

Illinois residents who look forward to taking road trips need to be aware that there are higher risks of getting into car accidents when they are traveling. It is important for travelers to understand the factors that contribute to the heightened risk of accidents so they can take preventative steps to minimize their chances of accident involvement while they are on the road. A car accident lawyer may help victims of car accidents that were caused by the negligence of others while they are traveling.

Factors Contributing to Increased Risks

There are several factors that contribute to the increased risk of car accident involvement while traveling by automobile. Drivers who are unaccustomed to driving for long distances may become fatigued and doze off behind the wheel which could cause a crash. They might also be driving on unfamiliar roads and get distracted by maps or passengers. Some road conditions such as uneven pavement or poor lighting may contribute to motor vehicle crashes. Tight curves, hidden driveways and unprotected edges of the road around cliffs may also lead to accidents.

Preventing Road Trip Accidents

Travelers can take steps to prevent car accidents both before they travel and while they are on the road. They should make certain to check that their tires have good tread and sufficient air pressure. Since travel laws and rules vary from state to state, it is also important for travelers to check the laws and rules of the areas through which they intend to travel. If travelers will be renting a car, they should do so through a reputable company and read through all of the fine print in the rental contracts.

While travelers are on road trips, it is important for them to follow all of the rules of the road. If they feel tired, drivers should pull off the road and get some rest rather than trying to push forward. If they can, travelers should stop for the night and not drive after dark. Drivers and all passengers should use their seatbelts at all times while they are traveling, and drivers should avoid distracting activities while they drive. A car accident lawyer may help if an auto accident happens despite the driver taking cautionary steps to prevent it.