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Case Results


Ronald Fishman secured a total settlement of $2,500,000 on behalf of an insulin-dependent diabetic who suffered brain injury after corrections officers at Cook County Jail failed to provide her with necessary medicine when she was in their custody.

M.F., a 37-year old Chicago resident, was arrested on outstanding warrant when a car in which she was a passenger was pulled over by a Chicago police officer. After her arrest, she was treated for diabetes at Mercy Hospital, and then booked and transferred with instructions to continue insulin medication. After intake, the physical medicine intake form that contained the medical instruction was lost or misplaced. As a result, Plaintiff was not treated for her diabetes, and ultimately suffered brain injury from a diabetic seizure.

Ron Fishman sued several government officials and employees in both state and federal courts. Defendants vigorously denied liability, contending, among other things, that even if they were guilty of negligence, they were not guilty of the willful and wanton misconduct required by the Illinois Local Government and Governmental Employees Tort Immunity Act. After substantial litigation, the attorneys secured a settlement with Cook County for $2,200,000 on behalf of the Plaintiff, and $300,000 on her daughter’s behalf, for a total settlement of $2,500,000.


Ken Fishman secured a total settlement of $1,300,000 for a thirty-year-old woman who was injured in a trucking accident.

A.R. was a passenger in an 18-wheel truck, when another truck attempted to cut in front, causing the two trucks to collide. Although initially her injuries seemed relatively minor, including a slightly herniated disc that required a laminectomy, she continued to have pain in her back and legs, and two years later diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (C.R.P.S., formerly known as R.S.D.).

Plaintiff sued both drivers and trucking carriers. Both insurance companies denied liability, denied that she was injured, or that her pain and injuries came from this accident. The took over twenty depositions, trying defeat her claim, even employing three “experts,” a pain-management physician who claimed that she did not have C.R.P.S., a psychologist who opined that she had a prominent somatization pattern (that her complaints were from some kind of psychological stress), and a psychiatrist who opined that she suffered from “factitious disorder,” meaning that she was faking her symptoms.

Law Office of Kenneth A. Fishman, P.C. hired four experts, including a prominent physiatrist who testified that she suffered from C.R.P.S. that was from the accident, a life-planner who gave a valuation for her lost wages, lifetime medical costs and other medically necessary expenses, and two nurses who testified regarding her medical bills. After mediation and before trial, Ken Fishman secured a partial settlement of $1.1 million dollars with one insurance company, and later settled with the other carrier for $200,000, for a total settlement of $1,300,000.


Ronald Fishman and Ken Fishman secured a total settlement of $941,500 on behalf of a 54-year-old roofer who came in contact with a high-voltage electrical line while working on the room of a south-suburban building.
While working on a roof, R.E. came into contact with a high-voltage line. He suffered multi-level disc herniation, electrical shock to the neck and the head, numbness and other injuries.

Law Office of Kenneth A. Fishman, P.C. made a claim against his employer, and sued the building owner, the electric company, and the general contractor. The Defendants denied that they were at fault, claimed that the disc injury were degenerative and not caused by injury, and claimed that his symptoms were not consistent with electric shock. After mediation, Ronald Fishman and Ken Fishman secured a settlement of $50,000 against the workers’ compensation carrier, $141,500 against the general contractor, and $750,000 against the electric company, for a total settlement of $941,500.


Ronald Fishman secured a settlement of $900,000 for a 39-year-old foreman who was injured when he fell off of an overhead crane at a steel warehouse, and suffered fractures to both ankles, both legs, right foot, right wrist, cervical vertebrae, and injuries to his pelvis and low back.

Law Office of Kenneth A. Fishman, P.C. sued multiple parties, including the crane manufacturer, the distributer, and the owners of the warehouse. Their insurance companies tried to escape responsibility by alleging that the Plaintiff was negligent and responsible for his own injuries, and tried to escape liability claiming that it was barred by the workers’ compensation act.

Before trial, Ronald Fishman secured a settlement of $900,000 on behalf of the injured worker.


Ken Fishman secured a settlement of $600,000 on behalf of a Plaintiff, R.S., a 38-year-old occupational therapist from the Chicago area, injured in a car accident.

While driving down Geneva Terrace, a small street on the north side of Chicago, Plaintiff was broadsided by a S.U.V. coming out of an alley, injuring his hips. Initially diagnosed as a sprain, after four years of incomplete or partial diagnosis, he had an MRI that showed a non-displaced tear of the anterior acetabulum. The insurance company for the driver of the SUV denied that she was at fault, denied that the Plaintiff was injured, and denied that his injuries were caused by the car accident. After fighting the insurance carrier’s attorneys for several years in court, Ken Fishman was able to secure a settlement of $600,000 on behalf of his client.


Ronald Fishman secured a settlement of $700,000 on behalf of a 66-year-old diabetic retired Chicago police officer, who suffered serious injury to his foot when his osteopathic physician failed to properly diagnose and treat an infection under a callus on the right foot.

After being referred by a podiatrist, the Defendant osteopath began treating an infected callus on Plaintiff’s foot with topical antibiotics. The infection spread, ultimately causing partial amputation. The doctor denied that he was at fault, alleging that the injury was not proximately caused by his conduct, and blamed the Plaintiff for not timely reporting his ongoing symptoms. After several local physicians reviewed the records but refused to write a report or testify for Plaintiff, the attorneys found a Florida physician who agreed that the doctor’s conduct was the legal cause of the injuries, and served as Plaintiff’s expert witness. Before trial, Ronald Fishman secured a $700,000 settlement on behalf of his client


Ken Fishman secured a settlement of $228,000 for J.F., a 48-year-old operations supervisor who was hit by a small truck while walking across a baggage loading area at her place of employment. She suffered three fractured ribs and a herniated disc. The insurance company for the owner of the truck denied that they were at fault, contending that she caused herself to be hit because she was not paying attention, and denied the seriousness of the injury.

After significant pre-trial discovery, Ken Fishman secured a settlement of $228,000 on behalf of his client.

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