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Recent Illinois fatal accident highlights dangers of drinking and driving

The dangers associated with drinking and driving are among some of the most well-known driving facts around the nation. Despite this widespread knowledge, an Illinois car crash attorney may be inundated with claims involving inebriated motorists each year. Although not an isolated incident, a recent fatal accident in Illinois highlights just why driving under the influence is so deadly for … [Read more...]

Families who place their elderly loved ones in a nursing home simply want them to receive the best possible care. All too often, however, these elderly patients are left in terrible circumstances in which their health care workers fail to provide for even their most basic needs. In some shocking cases common to any Illinois nursing home abuse attorney, families are learning that their loved ones … [Read more...]

Illinois motorists put a lot of trust in the other drivers with whom they share the roads on a daily basis. This trust extends to those who drive large commercial trucks. However, a new study performed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration may indicate that the trust motorists extend to commercial rig drivers may be misplaced due to the inadequate training these drivers receive at … [Read more...]

Motorists in Illinois are well aware of the different types of behaviors that aggressive drivers exhibit on a daily basis. Drivers often exhibit many of the same aggressive driving behaviors in an attempt to get where they are going just a little bit faster than everyone else. According to the Washington D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles, motorists should be aware of these top five aggressive … [Read more...]

Energy drinks are a popular beverage throughout the U.S. Nationally, 2012 sales totaled $12.5 billion for the industry, and it shows no signs of abating in the near future. With the heavy consumption of these beverages new information and concerns are coming to light, showing that those who use these drinks may be putting their life on the line. Anatomy of an energy drink The most popular … [Read more...]

Medical offices, hospitals and clinics throughout Chicago and the nation are making the switch to electronic health records in droves. Federal law now requires that doctors and hospitals begin implementing the use of electronic records by 2015, so with incentive payments and potential fines, health care professionals are eager to apply new advances in technology to their practices now. However, … [Read more...]

When traveling the roads and highways of Illinois, drivers are usually concerned with encountering others who are unfit to be behind the wheel, including drivers of commercial vehicles. While industry and federal regulations have done much to try to curtail commercial drivers’ use of alcohol and other controlled substances, a large number of inebriated tuckers and bus drivers are still causing … [Read more...]

Numerous work-related injuries occur each year, resulting in workers getting awarded workers’ compensation benefits in Illinois, and throughout the U.S. Generally, employers are responsible for the costs of these benefits, which could include the costs of medical treatment and disability payments, under the state of Illinois’ Workers’ Compensation Act. The costs of compensation benefits continue … [Read more...]

NBC Chicago recently reported that a 19 year old man allegedly crashed his car into a Chicago construction site, severely injuring the car’s two passengers and killing an unsuspecting worker. The driver was charged with aggravated DUI resulting in an accidental death, felony reckless homicide in a construction zone, and several other misdemeanors relating to the car accident. Prosecutors state … [Read more...]