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How Trump Intends to Change Trucking Regulations

In February, President Donald Trump's Administration announced an executive order that would require all federal agencies to reevaluate their regulations for potential revisions or elimination. Here are some of the DOT rules that agencies may change due to this expected reduction of regulation. Regulations That Face Removal There are two regulations that could be removed under this executive … [Read more...]

Cities are allowed to restrict trucks from driving on certain streets or roads in Illinois, and when truck drivers violate these laws and cause accidents, they may be liable to pay damages to compensate the injured victims. Cities and other local governments are able to forbid trucks from driving on certain streets by restricting them based on their weight. These rules are meant to prevent large … [Read more...]

For much of the past decade, it appeared that deaths and injuries from large truck crashes would continue to drop, making roads much safer for truck drivers and everyone else on the road. Unfortunately, that trend has seen a reversal in recent years, with fatality levels continuing to rise. This corresponds to a rise in overall fatalities in Illinois at the same time, putting drivers at higher … [Read more...]

New Trucking Laws Require Safer Electronic Logging Beginning in January 2016, a clock started ticking for commercial drivers who still keep paper logs. That clock gives commercial drivers in Illinois two years to switch over to ELDs, or electronic logging devices. The idea behind the move to ELDs is to improve safety on Illinois roadways by reducing driver fatigue, and ensuring that commercial … [Read more...]

Hardly a week passes when the headlines of the nation's newspapers don't feature at least one serious truck related accident. Whether they involve famous individuals such as the accident that nearly took Tracy Morgan's life, or simply a family on their way to a vacation, many of these accidents can be tied directly to driver fatigue. … [Read more...]

Truck accident law firms in Illinois are sadly all too familiar with the tragically high number of tractor trailer truck accidents that result in serious injuries or fatalities in the state. In fact, the number of fatality crashes involving large trucks in Illinois has been steadily rising in the last few years with 142 occurring in 2013 alone. Unfortunately, when large truck accidents happen, … [Read more...]