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Dog Bites Lead to Legal Battles in Illinois

Across the state of Illinois, dog bites are a continued issue. Illinois law contains a specific statute that refers to dog bite injuries. Because the law states that an owner can be found liable, even if not aware of any aggressive tendencies, legal cases are often filed. … [Read more...]

With winter storms blanketing Illinois in snow and ice, slip and fall accidents are on the rise. Unfortunately, walking on slick surfaces like ice coated sidewalks and parking lots can result in traumatic, and sometimes life altering injuries. In an effort to prevent cold-weather slip and fall accidents, manufacturers are developing new safety products, including detachable cleats which slip over … [Read more...]

Illinois state law mandates that motor vehicles stop for pedestrians, but drivers in and around Chicago don’t do it. The research to support this finding comes from Active Transportation Alliance, an automobile-alterative advocacy organization. The study suggests that two main reasons for driver non-compliance are ignorance and lack of law enforcement. Drivers need cues  The state law that … [Read more...]

Legislation and law enforcement are struggling to keep up with the growing problem of driver distraction as cell phones become more common. According to Distraction.gov, there were approximately 421,000 distraction-related injury accidents. In response to these alarming numbers, the federal government has banned the use of hand held electronic devices for every commercial vehicle operator on the … [Read more...]

Smartphone technology has advanced rapidly in the past decade. Illinois residents can interact with their phones by texting, surfing the Internet, accessing social media and taking pictures, as well as making and receiving phone calls. A Chicago car accident attorney may know that these functions all generally require at least one hand, visual contact and some level of mental focus, and can be … [Read more...]

Taxicabs provide convenience and safe transport for millions of people each year. However, in some cases, the ride has devastating consequences. A recent story in the Chicago Tribune reported that a Chicago attorney received severe brain damage as a result of a crash in a taxicab. The single vehicle accident occurred when the driver allegedly lost control of the car and collided with a concrete … [Read more...]

In 2013, a 16-year-old boy was getting ready for the end of the school year and a summer full of hanging out with friends. One day, according to KWCH, the boy spent all day at school and then hit the courts for three hours of tennis practice. After dinner, he decided to play ping pong with friends until he suddenly felt dizzy. He collapsed and was rushed to the emergency room. Unfortunately, it … [Read more...]

  In February of this year, a driver lost control on an Illinois highway. According to Patch.com, the motorist veered into the oncoming traffic, striking another vehicle head-on and causing a multi-car pile-up. As the result of the incident, a 5-year-old child was killed and several adults were transported to local hospitals for their injuries. … [Read more...]

Most Illinois parents wouldn't think twice about putting their kids in front of the television to watch their favorite T.V. show. Yet, statistics show that young children may not be safe around unstable flat-screened television sets. … [Read more...]

Illinois motorists cannot drive along state highways without sharing the road with multiple tractor trailers. These massive vehicles are a fundamental part of the U.S. economy, and people depend on them to deliver essential goods across the country. As the American economy continues to grow, however, Illinois motorists may start seeing more commercial trucks on the road. … [Read more...]