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When Bad Medicine is what the Doctor Ordered

Improperly conducted internal medical treatments pose an immediate and potentially lethal threat to a patient's health. Claims filed by Chicago medical malpractice lawyers are often a combination of bad medicine, poor training, and failure to adhere to protocols. Misdiagnosis In 2015, the Institute of Medicine estimated that nearly 12 million diagnostic errors take place every year. Based on … [Read more...]

Recent research published by JAMA Surgery reveals that an astonishing 80 percent of all hospital deaths and complications are a result of just seven emergency medical procedures. The study, which was led by the director of Emergency Surgery Services at Brigham & Women's Hospital Dr. Joaquim M. Havens, included an analysis of more than 420,000 adults who underwent an emergency medical procedure … [Read more...]

A new analysis shows that more than 250,000 deaths each year in the United States are caused by medical mistakes – an eight-year study that totals nearly 700 deaths per day because of medical error. The deaths caused by medical error involve a wide range of medical mistakes, from the administration of the wrong prescription drug to operating on the wrong patient or body part. Thousands of medical … [Read more...]

Technology is advancing quickly in almost every sector. This is especially true in the medical field, where new medications, procedures and surgeries are leading to more effective treatments. In order for physicians to determine if these new treatments are effective, some level of experimentation is required. … [Read more...]

When Urmila Patel arrived to the emergency room at Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington heights, she expected to be treated properly, as any patient would. Instead, she received the wrong diagnosis and the wrong treatment under the care of three separate doctors. After six days in the hospital, she was transferred to the University of Illinois hospital, where she received a … [Read more...]

Misfilled Prescriptions Lead to Serious Consequences Despite pharmacy chains having spent billions on improving safety, implementing the latest technology, and other necessary improvements, errors still occur when prescriptions are being filled. While these errors constitute less than 1% of all prescriptions filled in the US, they still represent millions of instances when the medication … [Read more...]

Hospitals in Illinois and across the country must take the necessary time to properly monitor their patients on a daily basis. As technology has improved over the years, devises have been created to assist workers in this monitoring in hopes that patients would receive better, more prompt care. This includes devices like pulse oxygen measurement systems, heart rate monitors, ventilators and other … [Read more...]

Sick patients go to Chicago’s hospitals to seek treatment for their ailments and get well. However, a large number of patients continue to contract hospital-acquired infections every year. If patients manage to survive these infections, they may be responsible for thousands of dollars in medical bills and may have missed significant time away from work. Ventilator-associated pneumonia is one type … [Read more...]