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4 injuries often associated with slip-and-fall accidents

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Despite the capacity for real injury, slip-and-fall accident cases are often used in media as prime examples of the most frivolous personal injury lawsuits possible. However, the personal injury attorneys who deal with these matters every day in Illinois know that these accidents can cause many individuals severe injuries, the repercussions of which can last for a lifetime. When individuals slip and fall, they are likely to sustain one of these four common injuries:

Head injury

When individuals have slip-and-falls, their heads can be the first part of their bodies to hit the ground or floor. When this occurs the head and brain are absorbing all of the force from the impact. If the impact is severe enough it may cause the brain to rebound against the inside of the skull. Whether mild or severe, any kind of impact to the head can result in a traumatic brain injury.

A TBI occurs when any area of the brain is damaged, and it can result in a broad spectrum of symptoms and disorders. The effects of TBI can be unpredictable and profound, and each case is different. Some individuals recover while others do not, and too little is currently known about the brain and treatment of the condition to say why.

Injuries to the neck and spine

Falls can easily cause damage to the vertebrae and discs in the spine and neck. Herniated and slipped discs from a spine or neck injury can be excruciating for accident victims. These injures often result in limited mobility and an inability to stay in the workforce, depending on occupation. If a spinal cord injury is severe, it can cause complete or partial paralysis and permanent disability.

Hip and pelvis fractures

A large percentage of individuals who are injured in slip-and-falls each year are elderly, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 95 percent of hip and pelvis injuries are caused by falls. These injuries often require surgery, extended hospital stays and time in a facility for rehabilitation.

Sprains and fractures

The sudden movements characteristic of a slip-and-fall will often result in sprains and fractures to the limbs. Twisted knees and ankles are common, and the impact from falling may easily result in broken bones. These injuries can take months to heal and often require frequent, intensive physical therapy in order to regain full function of the limb or joint. Some soft tissue damage may require surgery, and even with treatment, many victims are never the same.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, slip and fall accidents occurred 219,630 times in 2012 in the workplace, and the CDC states that over 17,000 people die every year in these accidents. Those who have been injured in a slip-and-fall should contact an Illinois personal injury attorney to discuss their case and determine a plan for seeking compensation.