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The Deep and Dangerous Waters of Private Pools

Swimming pools are a deadly attractive nuisance that claims an average of 390 lives each year. Young children are at greatest risk and nationwide drowning is the leading cause of death for children between the ages of 1 and 4. In fact, 76% of drowning deaths in the US involve children under the age of 5. When an individual drowns or is injured in a private swimming pool at a home or apartment, the … [Read more...]

According to statistics from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), fatalities and serious injuries from trucking accidents have continued to rise around the country. In 2014, over 3,600 people died in truck-involved crashes, representing a 16 percent increase over the last four years. In Illinois, a Chicago injury lawyer can provide important legal help for victims of trucking accidents … [Read more...]

Across the state of Illinois, dog bites are a continued issue. Illinois law contains a specific statute that refers to dog bite injuries. Because the law states that an owner can be found liable, even if not aware of any aggressive tendencies, legal cases are often filed. … [Read more...]

With winter storms blanketing Illinois in snow and ice, slip and fall accidents are on the rise. Unfortunately, walking on slick surfaces like ice coated sidewalks and parking lots can result in traumatic, and sometimes life altering injuries. In an effort to prevent cold-weather slip and fall accidents, manufacturers are developing new safety products, including detachable cleats which slip over … [Read more...]

Illinois state law mandates that motor vehicles stop for pedestrians, but drivers in and around Chicago don’t do it. The research to support this finding comes from Active Transportation Alliance, an automobile-alterative advocacy organization. The study suggests that two main reasons for driver non-compliance are ignorance and lack of law enforcement. Drivers need cues  The state law … [Read more...]

Legislation and law enforcement are struggling to keep up with the growing problem of driver distraction as cell phones become more common. According to Distraction.gov, there were approximately 421,000 distraction-related injury accidents. In response to these alarming numbers, the federal government has banned the use of hand held electronic devices for every commercial vehicle operator on the … [Read more...]

In February of this year, a driver lost control on an Illinois highway. According to Patch.com, the motorist veered into the oncoming traffic, striking another vehicle head-on and causing a multi-car pile-up. As the result of the incident, a 5-year-old child was killed and several adults were transported to local hospitals for their injuries. … [Read more...]

According to the Illinois General Assembly website, state legislators recently approved Senate Bill 2015, which increases the speed limits on toll highways from 65 to 70 mph. This new law was passed despite a veto from Gov. Pat Quinn, who expressed concerns that a higher speed limit would result in more accidents. Both national and state studies arguably support the governor’s views, but an … [Read more...]

Illinois is known for many things, one of which is the brutal weather. When fall arrives, temperatures begin to steadily plummet, and pedestrians often find a means of alternative transportation. As has often occurred in the past, however, many individuals are choosing to brave the weather this year instead of finding a new way to travel. Unfortunately, the number of people on and near the roads … [Read more...]