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Road Trips May Bring Increased Car Accident Risks

Illinois residents who look forward to taking road trips need to be aware that there are higher risks of getting into car accidents when they are traveling. It is important for travelers to understand the factors that contribute to the heightened risk of accidents so they can take preventative steps to minimize their chances of accident involvement while they are on the road. A car accident lawyer … [Read more...]

Carbon monoxide poisoning is one of the leading causes of fatal accidents while boating in Illinois and the U.S. Because this gas is odor-free and colorless, victims may not realize that they are being poisoned while they are inhaling it. Carbon monoxide is a byproduct that is produced by gas-powered engines, including boat engines. If boats are not maintained or vented properly, the gas can enter … [Read more...]

In Illinois, the law limits who can file wrongful death lawsuits to certain categories of people holding different relationships with the decedents. It is important for family members to understand who can file a lawsuit when their loved ones have died as the result of someone else's negligent or wrongful acts. If lawsuits are filed by the wrong plaintiffs, the correct ones must substitute into … [Read more...]

In February, President Donald Trump's Administration announced an executive order that would require all federal agencies to reevaluate their regulations for potential revisions or elimination. Here are some of the DOT rules that agencies may change due to this expected reduction of regulation. Regulations That Face Removal There are two regulations that could be removed under this executive … [Read more...]

The pervasive use of chemical cleaning agents in homes and workplaces can lead to debilitating disabilities and the development of many forms of cancer. Individuals who have been exposed to chemical cleaning agents can suffer long-term consequences that can include memory loss, loss of mobility, diminished quality of life, and even death. Common Cleaning Chemicals That Cause Personal … [Read more...]

Over 4,000 children are injured each year on amusement park rides. Most serious injuries and fatalities occur in amusement parks where rides are permanently installed, rather than set up for temporary locations. Amusement Park Accidents From 1990 to 2010, approximately 92,885 children under the age of 18 were rushed to hospital emergency rooms due to injuries from amusement park rides. Over … [Read more...]

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that defective products have caused about 29.5 million injuries, with hundreds of thousands occurring each year, and they claim the lives of approximately 22,000 innocent victims every year in the United States. Product manufacturers are responsible for ensuring that their products are free from defects that could cause these injuries and … [Read more...]

Swimming pools are a deadly attractive nuisance that claims an average of 390 lives each year. Young children are at greatest risk and nationwide drowning is the leading cause of death for children between the ages of 1 and 4. In fact, 76% of drowning deaths in the US involve children under the age of 5. When an individual drowns or is injured in a private swimming pool at a home or apartment, the … [Read more...]

Studies show that approximately 75,000 injuries and 2,500 fatalities occur each year in the U.S. as a result of drowsy driving. Drivers who fall asleep behind the wheel are twice as likely to die in a head-on collision. Facts About Drowsy Driving Drowsiness can impair driving performance as much as alcohol. Studies link fatigue and sleepiness to decreased functions including decision making, … [Read more...]

Cities are allowed to restrict trucks from driving on certain streets or roads in Illinois, and when truck drivers violate these laws and cause accidents, they may be liable to pay damages to compensate the injured victims. Cities and other local governments are able to forbid trucks from driving on certain streets by restricting them based on their weight. These rules are meant to prevent large … [Read more...]