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Driver Fatigue Remains a Leading Cause of Trucking Accidents

Hardly a week passes when the headlines of the nation's newspapers don't feature at least one serious truck related accident. Whether they involve famous individuals such as the accident that nearly took Tracy Morgan's life, or simply a family on their way to a vacation, many of these accidents can be tied directly to driver fatigue. … [Read more...]

Truck accident law firms in Illinois are sadly all too familiar with the tragically high number of tractor trailer truck accidents that result in serious injuries or fatalities in the state. In fact, the number of fatality crashes involving large trucks in Illinois has been steadily rising in the last few years with 142 occurring in 2013 alone. Unfortunately, when large truck accidents happen, … [Read more...]

According to a report issued by the Chicago Tribune, the number of traffic accidents in the state of Illinois increased approximately 4 percent in 2013, with an average of 742 motor vehicle accidents each day. Unfortunately, the number of fatalities on Illinois roadways has risen slightly as well, for the second year in a row. While the numbers are still significantly lower than they were 10, or … [Read more...]

Nazmi Nomat never saw it coming. In October 2009, he was driving through an intersection in Hazel Crest when his car was struck by a van making a left turn--and his life was turned upside down. The damage to Nomat's car was the least of his problems. He suffered debilitating injuries to his back, shoulder and ankle. He incurred medical expenses that totaled more than $900,000. He … [Read more...]

According to FOX 32 News in Chicago, the sheriff’s department in Will County is using an Illinois state law to seize the vehicles of people arrested multiple times while driving under the influence. An Article 36 seizure allows law enforcement to confiscate the vehicle of a driver arrested for DUI while driving on a revoked or suspended license from a prior DUI conviction. Several of these … [Read more...]

Illinois state law mandates that motor vehicles stop for pedestrians, but drivers in and around Chicago don’t do it. The research to support this finding comes from Active Transportation Alliance, an automobile-alterative advocacy organization. The study suggests that two main reasons for driver non-compliance are ignorance and lack of law enforcement. Drivers need cues  The state law … [Read more...]

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently made the regulation official: in the next two years, electronic stability control systems will be required as standard equipment for all tractor trailer trucks in Illinois and across the country. ESC helps vehicles avoid rollovers and crashes in dangerous situations by keeping it traveling in one direction, and by reducing engine speed. … [Read more...]

With the Illinois Department of Transportation reporting 285,477 crashes on Illinois roadways in 2013, state motorists are increasingly seeking new methods of improving safety behind the wheel. Among the more popular innovations in recent years are driver assistance systems. A car accident lawyer in Champaign knows these are advanced technological devices designed to reduce one’s likelihood of a … [Read more...]

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, a total of 9,739 tractor-trailer involved crashes occurred on state roadways in 2012. These crashes accounted for 3.6 percent of all crashes that year and caused the deaths of 94 individuals. While tractor-trailer drivers accounted for nine of those deaths, the remaining 85 tractor trailer-involved fatalities were those of passengers of other … [Read more...]

According to WAND TV, Illinois has seen some encouraging numbers in recent years regarding the number of motorcycle accident fatalities on state roadways. While motorcycle fatalities fell by almost thirty percent in 2014 compared to the year prior, warmer temps and sunnier skies mean state motorcyclists are again taking to the road in droves. With more motorcyclists revving their engines on … [Read more...]